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Social Media: The Best Platform To Do Online Business

Earlier, the term was limited to its literal connotation. Now, with technology taking over the world, it is used to represent a particular style of technology. With every other device taking the ‘smart’ turn, be it a phone, a refrigerator, washing machine or a television, this world

Science stories of the week

Researchers at Stanford University, California, U.S., have identified the neural mechanisms behind the risk-taking behavior of rats. Experiments showed that a complex of brain circuitry known as the reward system stimulated risk-taking preferences among rodents. The activity in this nerve center effectively determined if the animal decided

Project Titan: A development of Apple Car

After lots of rumors in late summer of 2015, now cloud of mythical Apple Car is clearing and people believing that company is working on some automobile projects, which aims to bring mystical, magical Apple Car in the market. As per reports, with the speculation of Project